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100K Factory Revolution Review Download 100K Factory Revolution Training Program Free

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100K Factory Revolution

100K Factory Revolution Index is one of the most financial indicators in the world, is considered one of the most financial indicators to measure the performance of the US stock market indices as well as the Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's. In addition to the use of the Nasdaq index in measuring the performance of the US equity market, it has become now like other global indicators of a financial instrument can be traded for traders and other financial tools with well-known such as stocks, commodities and currency pairs. Through the following article you'll learn on the NASDAQ 100 index, its history and its characteristics as well as how to take advantage of it in circulation.

100K Factory Revolution

What is 100K Factory Revolution?
100K Factory Revolution, which is symbolized by the financial market under the symbol "NDX", is a financial index tracks the 100 largest companies traded on the NASDAQ performance (NASDAQ) of America. It is unlikely the market value of companies listed on the index. Work has begun NASDAQ 100 index in the January 31, 1985 by the company "NASDAQ", from the level of 250 points.

Here it should be clarified that in many cases are confused by the traders or the media between the NASDAQ 100 and NASDAQ Index and "Nasdaq Composite Index", where the launch of Nasdaq's name on the NASDAQ 100 Index or "Nasdaq Composite Index" index. Venassadok or NASDAQ is the market and the financial system letter allows the buying and selling of securities was created by the company "National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)", the system was launched for the first time on February 8, 1971, and is currently the Nasdaq has become in the ownership of the company "Nasdaq Inc ", the second largest market is for the shares after the New York Stock Exchange" New York Stock Exchange "in terms of market capitalization. While the "Nasdaq Composite Index" index that measures the performance of all stocks listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and the more than 3000 company.

NASDAQ Index of 100 100 US and foreign 100K Factory Revolution companies, operating in various sectors such as technology, electronics, telecommunications, retail companies and biotechnology companies. The index active in the financial sector companies such as banks and investment companies does not include. In addition to not sign him for companies operating in the financial sector, characterized by the Nasdaq 100 other US indices known Caldao Jones (Dow Jones Industrial Average) and Standard & Poor's (S & P 500) in that it includes a sexual non-US companies (5 foreign companies in 2016). Are reviewed listed the companies on an annual basis rather than every three months.

Becoming a NASDAQ Trader - NetoTrade
How can you traded NASDAQ 100 Index?
Through the NASDAQ 100 index will be able to take advantage of the fluctuations taking place in the overall performance of many of the giants in the fields of technology, communications, social networking, health care and the pharmaceutical industry, companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel and Amazon. Although you may not trading the Nasdaq 100 index directly, but there are many financial instruments that allow you traded funds held ETFs, options contracts, futures and CFDs.

Like many most other global indices, traders can take advantage of the fluctuations taking place in the NASDAQ 100 index through the latter traded through futures contracts.

There are two main types of futures for the Nasdaq 100, which is known as futures contracts in the name "" E-Mini Nasdaq 100 futures and Nasdaq 100. The Futures E-Mini Nasdaq 100 most popular among traders because of its low cost and volumes of high trading.

Preferably traders futures trading "" E-Mini Nasdaq 100 due to the high liquidity available, where they are traded between 200 thousand and 600 thousand futures contract on a daily basis that, what makes this financial tool of choice among many of the varieties traders everyday, hedge funds and investors who are looking for high liquidity, which allow these traders to enter and exit the market quickly and easily whenever they wish.

The majority of traders futures "" E-Mini Nasdaq 100 speculative by anticipating future trends for the Nasdaq 100, and enables them to futures contracts to enter into long positions in case the expectation of rising index or short selling (short selling) in the case of the expectation of falling. In addition to speculators known trading Nasdaq 100 index post Altoutin of traders, whether individuals or investment funds. For example, if an investor in the long run he bought a basket of technology shares, (the technology sector enterprises constitute the majority of the NASDAQ 100 Index companies) have the open a trade short-selling on index futures Nasdaq 100 or decades E-Mini Nasdaq 100 as a hedge against falling stock prices is owned in its portfolio in the short term, which, in this way, even if the investor prices of shares offset lost profit which Segnih short center, which opened on indicator The Nasdaq 100, which in turn will decrease as most of the listed companies are technology companies.

All types of 100K Factory Review futures trading to the Nasdaq 100 index in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange "Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)", 24-hours a day. And each contract expiration date, be on the third Friday of every month where the traders to close their positions before expiration and re-opened after the date of this date. It features every kind of futures the following characteristics:

- Futures Nasdaq 100: are traded under the symbol "ND", starting from 17:00 on Sunday to 16:15 pm on Friday pm ET United States, with stops for 15 minutes from 15:15 am to 15: 30. The value of the smallest possible change in the contract 0.25 points, or the equivalent of $ 25. The initial margin for futures trading Nasdaq 100 is $ 17,500.

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