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Gemini2 APP Is Gemini 2 Trading SCAM Or NOT?

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Gemini 2 The business adventurers rare breed because they are facing countless obstacles. But there is a fundamental error in one system makes it more difficult for them to achieve their dreams.
According to Brandon Lewis, managing partner of Melchoan Chassan & C Melcion, Chassagne & CEO, a group of senior business consultants international dedicated to help entrepreneurs, many of the businessmen who have high incentives will suffer problems when working with investors, the founders of which is working against the desired objectives of it, because these investors are seen as typically they are key financiers.
 The businessmen are hungry for the establishment of companies, but also there is an urgent need to be flexible, and take control of their own destiny.

Businessmen hungry to establish how companies are facing adventures?

This naturally generates tensions with investors who need predictability and accountability, which creates problems in most cases. Said Brandon Lewis on the sidelines of the World Investment Projects Forum, which was held recently at the European campus of INSEAD '' Most investors do not realize that there is a disconnect between investors and businessmen, and they end up they are fighting with the business, and say it is impossible to control on them, resulting in the destruction of value for everyone. We believe that there is a hydrophobic philosophically and culturally to begin with. '

Brandon Lewis From Gemini2 APP and is also the author of Hors Piste, a book refutes many of the myths about being a businessman. For example, Brandon Lewis believe that a business must not be obsessed with the capital increase from the capitalists of potential investment projects. Instead, the advice is to avoid over-financing of the company since the beginning, because that is a recipe for disaster. According to a study conducted by Harvard on the Inc. 500 companies index Inc. 500 (fast-growing companies classified by Inc. magazine), less than 5 per cent of companies have increased funding through the capitalists of investment projects, and the 67 per cent of which less than 50 thousand dollars in the form of capital.

 It should be a business search for sources of funding for a much larger sense, and methods of other sources, such as customers or suppliers, prior to assignment of any property rights. '' If you look to the capitalists of model investment projects from the viewpoint of a businessman, it seems like a risky, but the opportunity to bring an individual entrepreneur profits once it enters the game capitalists of investment projects is probably low, such as winning the lottery. '' We have noticed that many of the business are being driven out of their own companies in the year following a large investment round, and all this would make the opportunity for businessman of the individual to succeed in that game is very slim.

Gemini 2 APP

In many cases, this seems like pretty much a game of Russian roulette ... Too often, investors have a business spends because of this mismatch. ' Another myth refuted, Gemini 2 Software first mover advantage. He says resource eBay e-Bay and Google Google as examples of companies were not the first to move in space, however, was able to achieve extraordinary success despite not being a '' fresh '' Likewise. It is also singing the praise of the company Swatch Swatch, which says they were not innovative to this point of sheer production perspective, but it has adjusted the formula only, and made wristwatches made of colored plastic Fashion is highly prevalent. Explains Tabit: '' I am personally inclined to the idea of ​​the young Giants, who are those companies that define the appropriate market, and believes in its place in its ecosystem, so much like the concept of Blue Ocean Strategy - where you do not want to be in the same place where others are there ' '.

The advice Gemini 2 in finding a suitable market, and focus on customers. He says: '' I personally think that the more you understand your customers and environmental system, the more likely your success as a new company. ' He adds: '' If you have the right people who have the right mentality, and smart enough, and open to adjustment in accordance with the needs of the market, you'll get a revenue generating solutions faster. This is exactly the way they get their companies on the superiority of the larger companies an advantage ''. In fact, Gemini 2 APP CEO says that his company noticed a correlation between companies that do not have funding through the capitalists of investment projects, and higher levels of creativity. He says: '' It's been working hard, but ends up discovering a better solution, and stronger, and more sustainable, companies that get funding.

According to my personal opinion, the real competitive advantage that a business must possess to get to success is to focus on what money can not buy it, and regardless of what money can buy, it is a commodity. ' While it is not opposed to the idea of ​​businessmen to join the outside investors, but it says it is important that both parties understand the strengths and weaknesses of each - and expected the conflict. The capitalists of investment projects, for example, is very suited to invest in innovation and fast-growing companies, and what they understand is that they are not always on the same side, which stands about business. The business on the other hand, they are very suited for the establishment of companies. But they are very bad in the mastery of the capitalist game.

Gemini 2

Gemini2 APP CEO say that there is one aspect of their life cycle can not run well: '' A little too businessmen personal number can exit from the company's management and expect. And those who do not was so they Unfortunately, in most cases, they see it happening to them without having them control it afterwards.